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Mission & VisionMission, Vision & Goals

United Way of Atlantic County serves the needs of our local community, as defined by our residents, agencies, advocates, volunteers and leaders. United Way targets core areas of need and mobilizes resources. United Way serves as a catalyst for community advancement by connecting a diverse set of individuals, institutions and organizations to research, identify and implement problem-solving initiatives within our local community. United Way facilitates these activities and objectives by providing financial support through various fund raising efforts and grant opportunities.Vision Statement: United Way of Atlantic County will be the driving force in improving lives by mobilizing our community to create lasting changes in community conditions.


Vision Statement

To be the leader in improving lives within our communities.


Mission Statement

Improving lives in our communities by mobilizing the caring power of partners, volunteers and donors.


Core Values

United Way of Atlantic County’s role as a leader in the health and human services sector requires all persons involved with United Way to assume responsibility of maintaining the public’s trust. To fulfill this obligation to the community, and ourselves, the following Core Values provide the foundation on which we operate and base our actions and decisions.


Consistently acting with the highest ethical standards


Inspiring and influencing positive change in our community


Treating all with compassion and dignity


Giving of oneself to serve the needs of our community


Speaking and acting to positively impact our community


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